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The German Kindergarten in North Dulwich is situated in St Faith’s Community Centre, a large beautiful church hall.

There is an extensive outdoor space with lots of grass. We like to take the children to Sunray Gardens and playground.


Term times 2019/2020

Autumn Term: Tue 3rd September – Fri 20th December 2019
Spring Term: Mon 6th January – Fri 3rd April 2020
Summer Term: Tue 14th April – Fri 14th August 2020


Dates and times





North Dulwich team

Juliane Parthier.png

manager North Dulwich

Juliane is manager in North Dulwich. She is a qualified teacher from Germany. Her approach is always very child-orientated, sensitive and appealing. She is imaginative and creative in bringing language alive and engaging children in speaking, listening and learning. She has a wealth of experience in language teaching and sound and deep understanding of children’s diverse needs


Henrik Kloth                

Henrik is a Nursery School Teacher from North Germany. Over the last three years, he has worked with Kindergarten children, with school children after school, and with teenagers and young adults in musical and theatre projects. He has also worked with families and retirees. His passion is music. He plays guitar, piano, ukulele, electronic bass and the tin whistle. He loves to play with children in every situation. With his 6,59 ft he has everything in view. Henrik believes time is incredibly important and therefore doesn’t lose patience quickly. He always has a smile on his face because bad mood is wasted time and our time is running out fast.

Semira Foto.jpg

Semira Bleckmann
deputy manager

Semira is a nursery school teacher originally from Cologne, Germany. She likes to read books and stories with the children and supports them in developing their imagination. She thinks that music can be a great way for children to express themselves and their feelings and that they should be supported to do so. 



Lisa is a nursery school teacher from Tuebingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. There she had her education including internships in different Kindergartens. One of them was in a bilingual English – German Kindergarten. She has worked for 2,5 years before she moved to London.

Lisa likes to cook and bake heathy meals with the children as she thinks that by letting the children take over small tasks such as cutting or mixing they will develop great motor skills, grow confidence and understand the idea of helping.



I am from Germany, near Cologne. I am a state-approved Early years teacher. I did my three years apprenticeship in a German nursery where I worked with children in the age of 3 to 6.
One of my favourite activities in the nursery is to cook or bake small meals with the children as I believe that self-confidence can be encouraged by small tasks such as helping to prepare food.
Another area which I like to do with children is arts and crafts because I think it is important to promote children’s imagination and creativity.



St Faith’s Community Centre
Red Post Hill
London SE24 9JQ

T: 0753 0197095