North Dulwich team

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JULIANE PARTHIER | manager North Dulwich

Juliane is manager in North Dulwich. She is a qualified teacher from Germany. Her approach is always very child-orientated, sensitive and appealing. She is imaginative and creative in bringing language alive and engaging children in speaking, listening and learning. She has a wealth of experience in language teaching and sound and deep understanding of children’s diverse needs


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Semira Bleckmann

Semira is a nursery school teacher originally from Cologne, Germany. She likes to read books and stories with the children and supports them in developing their imagination. She thinks that music can be a great way for children to express themselves and their feelings and that they should be supported to do so. 



Meta is a state-approved Early Years teacher from Germany. Following her apprenticeship, she spent a year volunteering in Uganda, working in a school and with an organisation for people in need. Meta plays guitar and enjoys singing nursery songs. She believes that this is a gentle and playful method to teach another language. Meta also loves playing with children outside to encourage their interest in nature. She works on alternate days in the Herne Hill and North Dulwich sites, respectively.


 Katarina Gerster

Katharina is an apprentice from Ravensburg, Germany. She will be with us for one year to finish her apprenticeship as a nursery school teacher. She likes working in a bilingual setting and is particularly interested in children’s language development.