North Dulwich team

Juliane Parthier.png


Juliane is manager in North Dulwich. She is a qualified teacher from Germany. Her approach is always very child-orientated, sensitive and appealing. She is imaginative and creative in bringing language alive and engaging children in speaking, listening and learning. She has a wealth of experience in language teaching and sound and deep understanding of children’s diverse needs

Laura Angloher.png

Laura Angloher

Laura is deputy manager and room leader North Dulwich, is a Kindergarten Teacher from Bavaria. She has worked with children under three and also has experience with children of primary school age. Laura plays the guitar and enjoys singing. She believes that getting children started early in singing and making music is a great way to encourage creativity and improve social skills and communication

Semira Bleckmann.png

Semira Bleckmann

Semira is a trainee to become an early years teacher. She was an au pair with a family in London for a year. During this time she found that she would like to work with children and take up a career in teaching. She enjoys sports and movement and is particularly interested in 18th-19th century English literature.


Vivian Berndt

Vivian is a state approved teacher for early years education. After working at The German Kindergarten as an intern she went back to Germany to finish her university degree in early childhood and family education, and eventually returned as a teacher to The German Kindergarten. She likes to use creative ways like drawing and dancing to support children in developing and refining their skills and expressing themselves.


Christoph Raiser 

Christoph is an apprentice from Essen in Germany. He will be working at our kindergarten for one year to finish his apprenticeship as a nursery school teacher. He adapts to the interests of our kindergarten children and likes to do sportive activities with them.