London Fields Team

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Patricia Sokoll | manager london fields

Patricia is from Switzerland and the manager in London Fields. She has been with the German Kindergarten for a few years, working as an early years teacher, before moving to the new setting. Patricia gained her Bachelor in Social Work in Switzerland as well as an Early Years diploma here in England.

Patricia aimes to create a happy and safe environment for all children at the Kindergarten and believes that strong and positive relationships help children learn and thrive.


Magdalena Weiss-Thompson

Magdalena comes from Berlin, where she completed her BA in Early Childhood Education at the Alice Salomon University. She likes to support children in expressing themselves and their experiences during role-plays by inventing imaginative play scenes. Magdalena believes open-ended materials are great for inspiring children and their imagination and creativity. When working with children she feels inspired by Janusz Korczak, who said once: “A hundred children, a hundred individuals who are people- not people to be, not people of tomorrow, but people now, right now- today.”


linda hillmaN

Linda started at German Kindergarten as a Nursery Teacher in 2017. Prior to her move from Berlin to London, she completed her BA in Early Childhood Education and also holds a Master degree in educational research. She loves singing and making music with children as she believes that incorporating music and movement into early childhood education can help young children with development, social interaction and language growth.



Thomas is a state-approved Early Years Teacher from Germany. He also is a Specialist for Integration Teacher and a practitioner when it comes to inclusion and diversity. Thomas has previously worked in New York and Berlin before he joined the London Fields team. Children participation is very important for Thomas. He is particularly interested in bilingual language development, especially which can be useful for the children to start a comprehensive conversation. Thomas is able to support children with British Sign Language.


Ramona quiring

Ramona enjoys spending time outside with the children, no matter whether it’s sunny or rainy. Besides that, she likes doing sportive activities like dancing, running around or playing hide and seek together. She also likes to have quiet times with children, reading books in English and German.


MAXI CHristians

Maxi likes to support children in doing messy play to get to know different materials and textures, e.g. with paint, shaving foam or kinetic sand. She likes being outside and exploring the nature with the children.


Caroline Schuler

Caroline has completed her BA in  Early Childhood Education in 2012 in Germany. After travelling, she started to work as an Early Years Teacher and collected several years of experiences. Her strength are supporting children in their physically and personal social emotional development. She also holds certification in different areas and is also experienced with children with special needs.


Christiane Stegfellner

Christiane Stegfellner ist ausgebildete Dyslexie-Therapeutin und hat auch Erfahrung in der Früherkennung dieses häufigen Störungsbildes. Sie unterstützt unseren Kindergarten für zwei Tage in der Woche. Christiane liebt es, die Kinder zu fördern, ohne Hemmungen und mit allen Sinnen kreativ tätig zu werden. Ihre Hauptaufgabe sieht sie dabei darin, Farben, Werk- und Naturmaterialen verschiedenster Art zur Verfügung zu stellen, um in den Kindern die Lust am Ausprobieren zu wecken und die Entfaltung ihrer Fantasie und Kreativität anzuregen.