Natural learning
for ages 2—5


We are opening a new
German kindergarten


 German Kindergarten London Fields

German Kindergarten London Fields

 German Kindergarten London Fields

German Kindergarten London Fields

Speaking German
is fun

Our bilingual approach allows children to be immersed in German language and culture. Come and see for yourself!

We promote bilingualism from early childhood. Before the age of seven is when two languages are most easily learned. When children first begin to speak a new language they will not be fluent and will communicate by intonation rather than words. They are greatly helped if they can talk with people who are completely fluent.

We strongly believe it particularly stimulates children in their intellectual development to learn from more than one culture and to hear and speak another language. This also positively influences the children’s self-esteem. The German Kindergarten staff are native German speakers. We emphasise storytelling and reading as a way to immerse the children in a German speaking environment. We also teach about German language and culture by following German holidays and traditions.

Learning is a natural
part of life

We strive to create an environment where children enjoy themselves and learn in a playful way. We strongly believe in learning through play close to nature. We help children to develop social skills and a sense of belonging to a group with respect for each other.

Our educational approach encourages children to become confident, relying on personal strengths. We aim to provide a nuturing environment giving each child the opportunity to become independent to develop into a confident person.



We are recruiting:

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 Bettina Sebek

German Kindergarten Director

Bettina Sebek is the director of The German Kindergarten. She could not find a bilingual nursery for her own three children so founded this one. She holds an MA in German Linguistics and is particularly interested in children’s communication and language. Her aim is to create a rich bilingual environment for children to play and have fun.

Ich freue mich jedes mal, wenn ich Freddie vom Kindergarten abhole, wie glücklich er ist und wieviel Spaß er hatte. Zu Hause spricht er von fast nichts anderem als vom Kindergarten
— Verena
The German Kindergarten joyfully and unpretentiously represents cosmopolitan London. Robust outdoor play and excursions in any weather is balanced with cosy reading corners, arts and crafts and much singing! Sincere professionals accompanied our daughter along her discovery of herself and her social surroundings. If I could choose to be a child again, I would be certain to include the German Kindergarten in my daily routine.
— Michael
The German Kindergarten is something truly special; a warm and nurturing environment led by kind and enthusiastic staff, who really helped our daughter to explore, discover, learn, make and do! We really loved the focus on whatever-the-weather outdoor play, there were always exciting activities going on and we also loved the fact that she was hearing and beginning to understand spoken German.
— Laela
I recommend The German Kindergarten to everyone. My daughter had such wonderful and happy time there. She especially liked spending so much time outside in the gardens and on trips out. We met some lovely friends and she was well prepared for primary school too.
— Kate