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The German Kindergarten Herne Hill is located in a large church hall.

There is an extensive outside space with a huge custom built sandpit, lots of activities and grass. Inside is a beautiful large bright clean room. We like to take the children to Brockwell Park to the paddling pools and the playground. Delicious food is freshly prepared on site daily by our fabulous chef.


Dates and times


Christmas Holidays 21st December — 6th January 2020


Our brilliant chef Phillipe cooks for us everyday.
Soon we’ll put up a sample menu here:



Herne Hill Team


Lucy Abbott

Lucy is the manager of the German Kindergarten in Herne Hill. She grew up in Augsburg in Southern Germany and moved to London to study BA Early Childhood Studies at Froebel College, Roehampton University. After her studies she gained experience working in English nurseries. Lucy believes that children should be able to express themselves in a wide range of creative ways in a stimulating environment. She is passionate about having a culture of sustained shared thinking amongst staff and children - where each individual is a valued member and listened to. Lucy is half English, half German and finds the bilingual aspect of her work fascinating.

Milica Kovacevic.jpg


Milica (Mili) trained as a nursery teacher in Germany and after completion worked in a bilingual nursery school in Frankfurt. She enjoys creating an environment where every child can feel safe and and can grow to be confident individuals. Mili brings stories to life and loves singing with children as well as helping them develop their communication and language skills.

Pia-Sophie Meyer.jpg


Pia is from a small town in Northern Germany, where she studied English and “Erziehungswissenschaften” (educational studies). She likes to take the children out on trips to different places, so they can see and experience the diversity of the city and get a better understanding of the world around them. In the Kindergarten, she enjoys reading books with the children and is always encouraging them to express their creativity and imagination in whatever way they can.



Hala is a 24 year old German Nursery School Teacher and worked with children from the ages 2 to 13. She is also experienced in family support as well as children with special needs. Her area of interest is to enable a healthy emotional development in children. Hala enjoys offering wide variety of arts and crafts activities for every age, since she believes that being creative has a positive impact.

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Anja is the Finance and Administration Officer for all settings of the German Kindergarten. She has worked in banking and lived in five different countries on two continents before settling in London. She has gained experience in the field with previous employers including the German Embassy, ARD Studio Singapore and the German-Swiss International School Hong Kong.

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Laura is from Austria, where she completed her education to be a Nursery school teacher. After being an Aupair in London for a year, she has worked at a Nursery School in her hometown in Tyrol. It is important to her to encourage the children to express themselves in a creative way and let them explore their environment playfully. Laura wants to create a happy atmosphere where children are animated to learn and grow. Working with children has been her passion since she was a child herself.



Lecker! Yum!



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